Oh, Chicago! The city of the great lake, blazing skyscrapers, and the most midwestern of city folks you’ll find! This metropolitan is one of our favorite city locations to elope in purely for the great food, beautiful views, and the ability to have a wedding regardless of what season of the year. (Give us ALL the seasons!)


There are some obvious spots around Chicago to elope in, such as anywhere along the lakefront, high in the clouds through one of the rooftop restaurants or in any of the beautiful neighborhoods. Though, we compiled our favorite locations below to help narrow it down for you!

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1. Pilsen Murals

The Pilsen Murals are a true testament to Chicago’s history and the artists that live around the city. The Murals host a variety of international artists sponsored by the Chicago Urban Art Society, National Museum of Mexican Art, and Pawn works. Stroll anywhere along 16th Street and you’re bound to find cool, beautiful artwork that make the perfect backdrop for any ceremony.

2. 606 Trail

The 606 Trail, formerly the Bloomington Train Line, is a 2.7 mile stripe along the western side of Chicago, hanging over the city streets with luscious greenery along the way. Stop at any point along this trail for a unique contrast of plants and skyline views.

3. Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond

A truly hidden gem! Amongst the chaotic, noisy downtown scene of Chicago, the Lily Pond is a quiet oasis, minus the few ducks that quack about. There truly isn’t another spot in the city as quiet, peaceful, and beautiful throughout all times of the year. This is a perfect spot particularly in the fall when the leaves change colors.

4. The Lakefill

The Lakefill, located on the upper north side of Chicago, is technically on the Northwestern University campus, but is far enough away from the city life that you’ll get spectacular views, particularly at sunset, of downtown Chicago and the lakefront. You may have a few onlookers at this spot, but they’ll be there cheering you on in the background, kicking off your marriage!

where is a good place to elope

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where is a good place to elope

5. Museum Campus

There’s truly no other location in the states like Museum Campus. Whether you’re into the arts, science, or math, pop by any of the museums in this location to shout out to your favorite subject while eloping in one of the most historic spots in all of Chicago.

6. Ping Tom Memorial Park

A relatively uncommon spot for elopements, this park is situated within Chinatown on the south side of Chicago. A beautiful pavilion centers the park with bamboo gardens and a playground for the littles ones off to the sides. If you’re looking for a location that has a nature-y feel but also boasts that beautiful Chicago skyline, this is your spot! There are also a few good restaurants nearby, too. 

And those are some of our favorite outdoor elopements locations in Chicago! Ready to elope with us? You’ve come to the right place! Contact us here to get some help crafting your day.

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