Aventine Hill

Rome, Italy

A peaceful, quiet garden overlooking all of Rome

Just above the river, Aventine Hill is one of the quietest, least touristic viewing areas in all of Rome. The 8000 square meter gardens were built by one of the most powerful, aristocratic families, the Savelli family, towards the end of the 1200s. The gardens perch atop of the riverside and are enclosed by countless orange trees, providing shade throughout the year with fountains adorning. The view towards the end of the garden provides a private view of the main attractions in Rome. 

Requiring a short walk up the hill or a drive up, this elopement destination is only slightly difficult to reach.

  • Sight Seeing 100% 100%
  • Food 80% 80%
  • Transportation 60% 60%
  • Activities 90% 90%
  • Difficulty 60% 60%

To reach the hill, we’d recommend hiring a car. You can certainly walk up the hill, but you’ll want to have a different pair of shoes for walking since the hill is steep (yet it is paved). A car will also provide transportation to the hill so you don’t have to endure Roman public transit.

Delicious Food and Drink near Aventine

1. Rosso

If you want to experience a classic Roman aperitif but without the business nearby, Rosso is the spot. Boasting a large indoor and outdoor area and a wide variety of food on the aperitif menu, you’re bound to find something you enjoy to eat. 

2. Dar Poeta

A short walk away is this infamous pizzeria. For fair prices with exceptional ingredients, Dar Poeta is the spot where even Italians will grab their pizza in one of the hippest neighborhoods. 

3. Fatamorgana

There’s a LOT of gelato you’ll find around Rome, but this spot has the best, least touristy gelato in all of Rome. Going for a stroll after your elopement? Check out their other location in Monti.

Day 1

If you haven’t been to Rome or are only slight familiar with the area, take your first day to just simple eat. You’ll want to be rested before your elopement to fully enjoy the day, and what better way to start off your trip than to indulge in food? 

Day 2

Elope! To prepare for a Roman elopement, we’d suggest setting up transportation ahead of time. Rome’s public transit system isn’t the best, and it’s also not the best way to get to and from your elopement location. 

Day 3

Spend a full day at the Roman Forum! The Roman forum takes quite a bit of time due to the amount of ruins scattered in a large area. You’ll need a pass to enter most areas of the forum, and we’d suggest setting aside an entire day to fully enjoy it.