7 Interesting Elopement Spots in Logan Square, Chicago

When most people think of Chicago, they’re thinking of the Bean, the Lake, the skyscrapers, but Chicago has SO much more to offer, especially in the nooks and crannies around the city. 


One of my favorite neighborhoods, and obviously I’m biased since I’ve lived in this neighborhood, is Logan Square. This neighborhood is filled with leafy greens, classic Chicago apartments and homes, down-to-earth cocktail bars as well as vibrant, diverse restaurants. 


Sure, Logan Square isn’t your top pick for eloping, but don’t discard this side of the freeway in Chicago! Here are a few unique spots you can elope in Logan Square in Chicago.

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1. 606 Trail

The 606 Trail is one of my favorite spots to run in Chicago thanks to the track being above ground (no stoplights!) and the fantastic views of the West side of Chicago along the way. Along this trail, you’ll find views of Logan Square and Wicker Park as well as occasional long views of downtown. If the city backdrop isn’t your kind of thing, the trail is lusciously brimming with a variety of plants and trees along the ride.

2. The Murals

Along the 606 and the surrounding streets are a plethora of murals spray painted by local artists. The murals are always changing, so you’re likely to find one that suits your fancy while walking along the streets. If you’re looking for a pop of color, stop by any of the murals!

3. Any Pizza Joint

Logan Square boasts a host of pizza spots all around the main square and surrounding streets. Some of these spots have outdoor spaces for you to grab a seat and a slice at. Is there anything more romantic than pizza and marriage? I think not.

4. The Actual Logan Square

History buffs, the center of the neighborhood is calling your name! The square is famously named after the General John A. Logan, an American soldier and politician. If you love politics and historic landmarks, pop over to the center of the neighborhood to get your fix in.

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5. Kedzie Blvd + Tacos

As if all of the pizza spots aren’t amazing enough, Logan Square has plenty of taco spots along Kedzie. Walk along the street for beautiful green grass in the middle of the road and taco joins lining the sides. A taco elopement sounds like the best elopement to me!

6. Palmer Square Park

Palmer Square Park is the ultimate relaxation spot in this neck of the woods. During the summer, you’ll find plenty of residents laying on blankets, reading a book or having a picnic. It’s a quiet, peaceful oasis right in the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re into that nature-city vibe, this spot is for you.

7. Logan Theater

Whether you want to go to the theater or hang outside it, the Logan Theater is a classic in the middle of the city. Even if you’re not a movie fan, the gorgeous, celebrated sign on the outside of the theater is the perfect photo spot. If the theater is open, we highly recommend catching a flick there.

And those are some of the most interesting spots to elope in Logan Square! Ready to elope with us? You’ve come to the right place! Contact us here to get some help crafting your day.

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